Teeth Cleaning and Check-Ups

Regular teeth cleanings and dental check-ups are key to a healthy mouth and smile.

Your Step To Optimum Oral Health

What To Expect During Your Teeth Cleaning and Check-Up

When you visit our Southeast Calgary dental office for teeth cleaning and check-up, our Midpark Dental hygiene team will clean your teeth both above the gum line, which is known as scaling; and below the gum line, using a technique called root planing.


We use traditional hand scalers and our ultrasonic scaling tools to remove calcium deposits, called calculus, from your teeth.

In addition to your thorough teeth cleaning above and below the gum line, our team will complete a number of oral treatments including:

  • A comprehensive periodontal assessment, checking for gum recession, the presence of gingivitis and possible gum disease

  • Polishing your teeth to remove hard to remove surface stains

  • Fluoride treatment strengthens the enamel in areas that may be weak

  • An extra-oral exam at least once a year to check the head, neck and jaw areas for abnormalities

  • An oral cancer screening that checks the gum tissues, tongue, and lips for signs of oral cancer

  • Digital X-rays (when needed)

Your visit includes an examination by Dr. Alina Drosu, General Dentist to evaluate the current health of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue.

During your checkup, we encourage you to ask questions about your oral health. Our dedicated team will help answer your questions so you receive the best care for you and your family’s dental health.

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What Is Deep Cleaning?

If it has been a long time since you have been to the dentist and had your teeth cleaned, then you may need to undergo a deep cleaning session. This is where your dentist will clean your mouth to treat any gum or periodontal disease. To learn more about teeth cleaning procedures in Southeast Calgary, please contact us.

How Often Should You Have A Cleaning and Check-Up?

The frequency of your teeth cleanings and checkups depends on several factors. If your teeth are susceptible to the accumulation of plaque and calculus, if you have crowded teeth, or if you have gum disease, the frequency of your visits may not match the other members of your family.

Our dental team evaluates each patient on an individual basis to determine the dental hygiene schedule that will attend to your specific needs the beat.


Most patients visit Midpark Dental for their dental hygiene appointments every 6 months, but some people may benefit by coming in every 3-4 months, and others may only require a hygiene appointment every 9-12 months.

Our team at Midpark Dental will advise you on how often you should visit our South Calgary dental practice to maintain your oral health and wellness.

Single Tooth and Wisdom Teeth Extractions

When there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt at all, they can cause pain in the gums and bone as they shift. This is known as ‘Impacted Wisdom Teeth.’ When your wisdom teeth are impacted, the opening around the teeth may become a fertile ground for bacteria to start developing and may lead to an infection in the gum tissues.

As a result of this infection, you may experience discomfort, swelling, pain, and illness. The early removal of impacted wisdom teeth is often recommended to avoid future problems and to avoid costly surgical procedures.

Single Tooth Extractions

Your permanent teeth were intended to last a lifetime, but in some cases, there are circumstances that arise that require a tooth to be extracted. Midpark Dental offers single tooth extraction services, at our Southeast Calgary Dental Clinic.

Single tooth extraction is recommended because a tooth is damaged beyond repair from trauma or advanced tooth decay. Our friendly dental team will help you throughout the process by providing answers to all of your questions and concerns about your single tooth extraction.

Reasons why you may require single tooth extraction:

  • Active infection or the risk of infection from a diseased tooth

  • Periodontal (Gum Disease)

  • Crowding

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Baby Tooth Removal

After your single tooth extractions, Dr. Alina Drosu, General Dentist will recommend the best treatment options in order to replace your missing teeth. We offer services such as dental bridges, partial dentures and dental implants as a reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for replacing missing teeth.


As a temporary solution, we will discuss the short-term use of an appliance known as a ‘Flipper’ for patients that have lost a front tooth.

Tooth Removal

Your tooth extraction will take place in our Southeast Calgary dental office, and the length of your procedure will depend on your specific needs.


We'll help you feel comfortable throughout your appointment and will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your mouth after your tooth extractions.

Symptoms you may experience if you do not remove your tooth:

  • Gum Infection

  • Teeth Crowding

  • Wisdom Teeth Decay

  • Poor Positioning

  • Bone Loss or decay due to cysts

Diagnosing Your Wisdom Tooth Treatment With A Dental Exam

Dr. Alina Drosu, General Dentist will complete a thorough examination of your mouth, including x-rays that will help diagnose the type of wisdom teeth removal you require. Regular dental exams also help you keep your gums and teeth healthy, allowing us to identify any potential concerns to prevent costly dental procedures down the road.

If your wisdom teeth are aligned properly, and the surrounding gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth do not always have to be removed. With our clinical exam and panoramic imaging, we can inform you if you or your child’s wisdom teeth require extraction.

Learn More About Southeast Calgary Tooth Extractions

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Hygiene Appointment - What to Expect

Contrary to what many think, a hygiene appointment is more than just getting your teeth cleaned. It encompasses a variety of procedures that involves comprehensive oral health examination, teeth cleaning and polishing, oral health maintenance techniques, and patient education.


Here’s a short guide to give you a general idea of what happens during a routine visit to your dentist for preventive dental procedures:

✔ Digital X-rays

This is an important diagnostic tool that is used to check the presence of diseases or abnormalities in your mouth. Depending on your case, your dentist may recommend getting a single tooth X-ray to check for tooth decay or a full mouth X-ray to evaluate your entire dentition and bite. 


✔ Intraoral assessment

Your mouth and all its structures will also be assessed. This includes all your teeth, soft tissues such as gums and inner cheeks, and tongue. With this, common dental diseases such as decay (cavity) and gum disease can be identified during their early stages and our dentist can provide the appropriate treatment for you.


✔ Extraoral examination

Aside from the inside of your mouth, your head, neck, and jaw will also be checked. This is because any abnormality to these structures may also affect your oral health.


✔ Teeth scaling

After the full assessment is done, your dental hygienist in SE Calgary will now proceed to clean your teeth. During this procedure, an ultrasonic scaler will be used. This will vibrate against the teeth to remove plaque, tartar, surface stains, and hard deposits.


✔ Deep scaling

If it has been a while since you had your teeth cleaned, it is expected that dirt and irritants have reached underneath your gums. This will attach to the roots of your teeth and infect your gums, causing gum disease and periodontal problems. To remove these, deep scaling will be done using the scaler or through manual tooth root scaling.


✔ Teeth polishing

When all irritants are removed, the next step is to polish your teeth so they can look cleaner and more radiant. Teeth cleaning with your dental hygienist in SE Calgary is one of the ways you can achieve a white smile without needing teeth whitening treatments.