By Last Updated: November 7, 2022

Midpark Dental is a leading dental clinic in SE Calgary. For years, our reliable and friendly dental professionals and administrators have been providing the locals of SE Calgary and its surrounding areas with high-quality dental care and service.

Our commitment is to give you a happy and healthy smile that you will always be proud of. To achieve this, we offer several treatments and modalities. Also, as a cheap dentist in SE Calgary, we keep our wide range of dental services accessible to all. We believe that world-class dentistry should not be a luxury but a need that everyone should have access to improve and maintain a good quality of life.

Why Choose Midpark Dental?

With genuine hearts to serve, Midpark Dental is proud to offer unparalleled care for all its patients. In the spotlight, here are a few reasons why patients love visiting our practice:

We have invested in modern dentistry

As dentistry continuously innovates, so does our practice. We have the most advanced dental equipment, such as lasers and Itero scanning, and the latest treatment modalities to offer our patients. These technologies are configured for improved patient comfort, better and predictable results, and more efficient and effective dental care.

We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments

We value your time and effort when it comes to dental procedures. So, we made sure to have everything you need under one roof. From general to emergency dental services, even to specialized dentistry, our team is ready to serve you and your family.

We have in-house specialists for Invisalign and periodontics

If you are looking for expertise, look no further. Midpark Dental is a proud home to specialists in several fields of dentistry, including Invisalign and periodontal care. So if you have more extensive problems, you can trust our experts to deliver the expected results.

We treat all members of the family

Make dental visits fun for the whole family with family visits. We have dentists who are skilled in treating oral health problems of all ages, including children, adults, and even senior patients.

We comply with the standardized ADA fee

Midpark Dental is an affordable dentist in SE Calgary. We base our fees on the ADA fee guide, so you know what to expect with the dental treatments you get. No hidden charges and no unnecessary costs.

We recognize insurance payments and plans

Also, we made dentistry readily available for everyone who needs it by affiliating with insurance companies and having flexible payment plans. Before your treatment, talk to our dentist about your insurance coverage and available plans. and they will happily discuss your options.

Warm and friendly dental team

Whether you are new to our office or are a returning patient, our team will always greet you with warm and friendly smiles. We take this into heart because we know how nerve-wracking dental visits can be for others. With our team, you will surely have a positive dental experience.

Our Dental Services

We partner with our patients to provide them with happy smiles with long-term results. Scroll below to get a good gist of some of our services and see how we strive to make your life-changing smile happen.

General and Family Dentistry

We believe that prevention is always better than cure. Every six months, we recommend you visit our office for a routine patient exam and teeth cleaning. Fluoride application for children is also necessary to protect the teeth from cavities.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Be confident in your smile with cosmetic dental treatments such as dental bonding, teeth whitening, and veneers. We also do complete smile makeovers for those needing full mouth rehab to achieve their best smile.

Dentures and Implants

Replace missing teeth and revitalize your confident smile with teeth replacement treatments such as dental bridges, dentures, or implants. These can be removable or fixed depending on which suits your lifestyle best. We also offer versatile solutions to replace a single missing tooth or a complete set of missing teeth.


Save and preserve your tooth with root canal treatment. This treatment involves cleaning your tooth and removing bacteria to prevent further damage that may lead to tooth removal.

Wisdom tooth surgery

If you suffer from severe pain in the back end of your mouth, it may be time to have our dentists assess your wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth surgery is a common dental procedure done in most teens and adults to remove the third molar and all its accompanying problems. This relieves pain and symptoms such as bad breath, tooth decay, and tooth crowding.


We introduce the most modern teeth straightening system with Invisalign technology. This utilizes clear braces that gently align your teeth so you can have a more comfortable bite and appealing smile. 

Laser Dentistry

One of the newest technology we offer in our clinic is laser dentistry. Laser can be used in many ways in dentistry. It can be for cosmetics to reshape gums or as a minimally-invasive method to remove tooth decay. This is done in a safe and quick procedure with little to no discomfort for patients.


If you are suffering from night grinding, a nightguard is an appliance that our dentists recommend to keep your teeth intact. This is worn over the teeth when sleeping to prevent damage to the tooth. A sports mouthguard is also advised for athletes who play contact sports.

Emergency Dentistry

If you have a chipped tooth or if your tooth accidentally came out from its socket, our emergency dental team is here to help. We have protocols in place to put you as a priority patient to relieve you of any pain and immediately resolve your concern. Our dental practice also has days open until 8 pm assist you with your dental needs after office hours.

Affordable Family Dentist in SE Calgary

Experience dental care with no compromise with Midpark Dental. From top-notch equipment in a modern facility to exceptional dentists and staff, you and your family will truly enjoy your visit with us.

To learn more about our team and our services, call us at 403 – 701 – 7999 or request your appointment online. Our team here at Midpark Dental in SE Calgary is looking forward to helping you and your family achieve your dream smile!