Digital Dentistry iTero

Welcoming modern dentistry at Midpark Dental! iTero is a revolutionary, three-dimensional digital scanning technology used to record your teeth to study how they fit together.

The Newest Dental Technology in Southeast Calgary

iTero scans are used to study your bite, your smile, and to plan your treatment. iTero replaced the need for goopy dental impression material, making the collection of this important information much easier for both the patient and the Midpark Dental team.

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Why Our Patients Love iTero

iTero uses 3-D technology to scan an image of your teeth and gums in only a few minutes. iTero does not emit radiation, making it very safe. Midpark Dental uses iTero to study your bite, to plan your treatment, and take detailed impressions for dental appliances.

iTero eliminates the need for goopy impression material, meaning there is no gagging or no bad taste left behind. Patients also love iTero because of its accuracy. Very rarely will a patient ever be called back to redo an iTero scan.