Night Guards

Did you know 15% of the population will clench or grind their teeth at night? Midpark Dental is pleased to offer night guards for our patients in Southeast Calgary.

Are You Suffering From a Poor Night's Sleep?

What Are The Signs of Bruxism?

If you suffer from bruxism, you may experience headaches, jaw pain, earaches, sensitive teeth, chipped teeth, broken fillings, eroded gums and the eventual loss of supporting bone.

At Midpark Dental, our office can help to evaluate your symptoms, devise a treatment plan, and work with you to relieve the discomfort of bruxism. After an extensive examination and patient history, we will formulate a plan that is aimed to help resolve bruxism issues.

Clenching or grinding your teeth at night—called bruxism—often goes undetected until a family member hears grinding sounds when you are sleeping, or your dentist notices the signs of bruxism. When diagnosed early, bruxism may be treated with a simple appliance.

Learn More About Custom Night Guards

To learn more about bruxism and how a custom-fit night guard can help treat your symptoms of bruxism, schedule your appointment below.

Mouth Guard Options

At Midpark Dental, we recommend custom mouth guards. Custom night guards are made to precisely fit your teeth making them the most comfortable option for sleeping.

We have two types of night guards available. We have both hard and soft mouth guards. Which one you need, all depends on your specific needs. Hard mouth guards are used to treat conditions such as bruxism or teeth grinding. While soft mouth guards are used by those playing sports or who have teeth clenching habits.

Care for your night guard by following these easy steps:

  • Ensure your night guard is clean before and after each use by using cold water and a toothbrush to remove any build-up.

  • Store your night guard in the case provided. It is important to use a firm, perforated container to allow air to circulate and to prevent damage.

  • Keep your night guard away from hot temperatures, such as hot water, direct sunlight, direct heat surfaces to minimize distortion of its shape.

  • You will notice your night guard develop general wear throughout its use because the night guard is protecting the teeth from damage. If you see any holes or if it becomes uncomfortable to wear, contact our office.

  • Bring your night guard to each regularly scheduled dental visit to ensure it is in good condition and functioning as intended.